In 2020 Strzegom will be hosting five international eventing shows:

  • 17-19.04.2020 - Strzegom Spring Open
  • 02-05.07.2020 - Strzegom Horse Trials – Puchar Narodów
  • 15-19.07.2020 - Mistrzostwa Europy Pony
  • 27-30.08.2020 - Strzegom Summer Tour
  • 08-11.10.2020 - Strzegom October Festival

Most of these events take place on a regular basis for years and have a secured place in competition planners of riders from all over the world.

Our main event is Strzegom Horse Trials- the biggest equestrian event in this part of Europe. An event that has been organized by LKS Stargona on Hippodrome in Morawa near Strzegom continuously since 2003.

The event brings together the best riders in the world- Olympic Champions, World and Europeans Champions. Strzegom Horse Trials earned spectators’ approval as a large number of them visit Morawa every year.

We have exhibition and trade space available to hire all over eventing season at Morawa Hippodrome.

There are few options offered:


  • Strzegom Spring Open: 50 PLN per m2 /not less than 400 PLN/
  • Strzegom Horse Trials: 75 PLN per m2 /not less than 650 PLN/
  • Strzegom Summer Tour: 50 PLN per m2 /not less than 400 PLN/
  • Strzegom October Festival: 50 PLN per m2 /not less than 400 PLN/

Power connection: max 3kw- 200 PLN
*all prices are net prices


  • Stand up to 10 m2- 2000PLN
  • Stand up to 15 m2- 3500PLN
  • Stand up to 20 m2- 4500PLN
  • Stand over 20 m2- to be negotiated individually

Power connection: max 3kw- free of charge
*all prices are net prices


Marta Wójcik
Tel. 0048 74 855 40 42
Fax 0048 74 855 07 34
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Strzegom October Festival


Ujeżdżenie / Dressage: CCI4*-L, CCI3*-L, CCI3*-S - part I, CCI2*-L - Section A, CCI1* Intro, CCIP2*-L, CNC LL


Ujeżdżenie / Dressage: CCI4*-S, CCI3*-S - part II, CCI2*-L - Section B, CNC 1*, CNC L & L18
Cross Country: CCI2*-L - Section A, CCIP2*-L


Skoki / Jumping: CCI4*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI2*-L - Section A, CCI1* Intro & CNC1*, CCIP2*-L, CNC L & L18, CNC LL
Cross Country: CCI4*-L, CCI3*-L, CCI2*-L - Section B


Cross Country: CCI 4*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI1* Intro & CNC1*, CNC L & L18, CNC LL
Skoki / Jumping: CCI 4*-L, CCI3*-L, CCI2*-L - Section B