Strzegom has a valuable place in the international horse shows calendar. This position has been built over the years and a lot has changed throughout these years. Hippodrome has been fully upgraded and it is one of the newest venues in Europe. Every year it’s an arena of several international and national competitions and each of them gathers more and more horses and breaks entries number record.

In 2019 Strzegom will host five international eventing competitions:

  • 05-07.04.2019 – Strzegom Spring Open
  • 27-30.06.2019 – Strzegom Horse Trials – Eventing Nations Cup
  • 01-04.08.2019 – Strzegom Summer Tour
  • 14-18.08.2019 – FEI European Championships for Ponies
  • 10-13.10.2019 – Strzegom October Festival

Most of these events take place on a regular basis for years and have a place in competition planner of riders from all over the world.

Our main event is Strzegom Horse Trials- the biggest equestrian event in this part of Europe. An event that has been organized by LKS Stargona on Hippodrome in Morawa near Strzegom continuously since 2003.

The event brings together the best riders in the world - Olympic Champions, World and Europeans Champions. Strzegom Horse Trials earned spectators’ approval as a large number of them visit Morawa every year.

We can offer you attractive sponsor benefits - tested and effective marketing tools, which joined with emotion provided by equestrian sport, not only will have a positive impact on your company image but also will strengthen your brand on Polish and international markets.

We kindly invite you to take the opportunity of promotion and advertisement during the whole eventing season at Hippodrome in Morwa and joining an exclusive group of our friends and business partners.

Marcin Konarski
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Strzegom Summer Tour


Ujeżdżenie / Dressage: CCI 4*-S, CCI 2*-S, CCI 3*-L, CCI 3*-S, CNC 1*, CCI 1*-INTRO, CNC 2*, CNC LL


Ujeżdżenie / Dressage:CNC L, CNC L-18
Skoki / Jumping: CNC 2*, CNC 1*, CCI 1*-INTRO, CNC L-18, CNC L, CNC LL
Cross Country: CCI 2*-S, CNC 2*, CCI 3*-S & CCI3*-L, CCI 4*-S


Cross Country: CNC LL, CNC L, CNC L-18, CNC 1*, CCI 1*-S
Skoki / Jumping: CCI 2*-S, CCI 3*-S & CCI3*L, CCI 4*-S